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Welcome to Aponi-Butterfly Coaching

"Everything starts with love,the respect you have for yourself and the gratitude you feel for being a body and a soul."

Get a coaching inspired by the native American philosophy !

Do you share with me the values ​​of this universal wisdom, based on gratitude, self-respect and empathy?

Do you want these values ​​to be central to your personal and professional life?


With Aponi-Butterfly you will learn with respect and kindness to find your inner joy, to cultivate your well being and to respect you ... which is already a beautiful goal in itself!

Trip on the Hopi land

Trip to discover the hopi land, with Sandra and Ernie Northrup

  • Discover sites not accessible to the public

  • Live the hopi culture from inside

  • Learn Hopi art and music

  • All inclusive trip or independant

Disconnect, Vibrate, Learn !

August 2018

Our offer

 Learn how to live fully, without limited beliefs, according to you values and heart

Stop cloning clothes, dare to wear what looks like you!

Give your business the means to be more efficient and more humane

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